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Biopython API documentation: Bio.GenBank  
Code to work with GenBank

Classes: Iterator Iterate through a file of GenBank entries Dictionary Access a GenBank file using a dictionary interface. ErrorFeatureParser Catch errors caused during parsing. FeatureParser Parse GenBank data in Seq and SeqFeature objects. RecordParser Parse GenBank data into a Record object. NCBIDictionary Access GenBank using a dictionary interface.

_BaseGenBankConsumer A base class for GenBank consumer that implements some helpful functions that are in common between consumers. _FeatureConsumer Create SeqFeature objects from info generated by the Scanner _RecordConsumer Create a GenBank record object from Scanner info. _PrintingConsumer A debugging consumer.

_Scanner Set up a Martel based GenBank parser to parse a record.

ParserFailureError Exception indicating a failure in the parser (ie. scanner or consumer) LocationParserError Exception indiciating a problem with the spark based location parser.

Functions: index_file Get a GenBank file ready to be used as a Dictionary. search_for Do a query against GenBank. download_many Download many GenBank records.

Modules and Packages   



Hold GenBank data in a straightforward format.

Code to work with GenBank

Martel based parser to read GenBank formatted files.


Useful utilities for helping in parsing GenBank files.

Table of Contents

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