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List Description
Absmith-gt ABSmith on GreenTea mailing list
Alibio-devel ALiBio developers mailng list
Aminonet-mail [no description available]
Antimicrobial-pred [no description available]
Assemble-users [no description available]
Asterias-announce Announcements about Asterias releases and other news
Asterias-dev Asterias developers mailing list
Asterias-help Asterias usage and development
Atlas-news [no description available]
Bayallele-devel Bayallele developers mailing list
Bayallele-users Bayallele users mailing list
BBB General Forum at Bioinformatics.Org
Bbs-users Discussion of the Bioinformatics Benchmark System
Bio-Linux-devel Bio-Linux developers mailing list
Bio-Linux-list Bio-Linux mailing list
Bio-wave-devel Bio-Wave Research & Development List
BioBrew-Users BioBrew Users
Bioclusters HPC in Bioinformatics
Biococoa-dev Biococoa developers mailing list
Biodevelopers Please use the BBB mailing list instead
Biodp-admin [no description available]
BioEdu Please use the BBB mailing list instead
Biolore-developers [no description available]
Biophp-dev Bioinformatics for PHP
Bioscys-africa Committed to advancement of bioinformatics
Biosuite-discussion [no description available]
Btl-announce Announcements about BTL releases + other news
Catch-dev discussion of CATCH development
Catch-updates [no description available]
Catch-users all questions and suggestions related to CATCH
CD-HIT-l The CD-HIT users and developers mailing list.
Cebib-disuss [no description available]
Chromhome-chromhome Comparative Genomics
cmview-devel CMView developers mailing list
cmview-users CMView users mailing list
Disperse-devel [no description available]
Disperse-users Mailing list for Disperse users
dnd General discussions about the DND project
Fasimu-news News on FASIMU
Fishnchips [no description available]
Fishnchips-mbrc [no description available]
Fishpathogens-announce [no description available]
Fishpathogens-develop [no description available]
Fishpathogens-support [no description available]
Fragsize-info [no description available]
G-language-devel G-language GAE developers ML
G-language-users G-language GAE users ML
Genewiki-curator [no description available]
Genquire-dev Discussions on the code and development of Genquire
Genquire-users Discussions on use of the Genquire annotation system
ghemical-devel ghemical developer's forum
ghemical-users User's forum for the ghemical molecular modelling program
Guiblast-announces Announces of new releases of GUI BLAST
Guiblast-devel GUI BLAST developers mailing list
Guiblast-users GUI BLAST users mailing list
Javablastclient-user [no description available]
Jcoast-news [no description available]
Jsight-prgusr Sight programming users
Jsight-users [no description available]
Librarian-info A newsletter for users of I, Librarian
Lugend-admin Lugend
Lugend-soji [no description available]
Massquest-dev Developers discussion list for MassQuest
Mbcbg-bide [no description available]
Mbcbg-ebio [no description available]
Mbcbg-mbdi [no description available]
Mbrc-nisbi [no description available]
MeltSim General discussions about MeltSim
Metabasis-info [no description available]
Metabosim-cpn [no description available]
Metaquant-publist [no description available]
Microsatellite-suite [no description available]
Molekel-announce [no description available]
Molekel-users [no description available]
Moltalk-announce News channel for announcing substantial changes to MolTalk
Moltalk-discussion Open discussion of the development, the usage of MolTalk
Molvis-list Molecular Visualization, especially in education with freeware
mqtl-dev [no description available]
mqtl-users [no description available]
Mugen-announce List where release information about MuGeN are publicized
Mugen-bugs List supplying bug reports for MuGeN
Mugen-dev Developer information for MuGeN
Napid-devel [no description available]
nettab-discussion Discussion on NETTAB workshops
OpenMMSusers-general Discussion of OpenMMS and similar PDB database projects
Owl-devel OWL development mailing list
Ox2bioinfo-oliver [no description available]
Ox2bioinfo-timo [no description available]
Pcalc-news [no description available]
Pdbwiki-devel List for developers of the <a href="http://pdbwiki.org">PDBWiki</a> website
Pes-liste [no description available]
Pipet-Devel Pipet development
Pipet-Users User questions about Pipet
Pme-users [no description available]
Proteopedialist-for-users Forum for the Proteopedia User Community
pygtkwin General discussions about using PyGTK on Windows
pyphy General discussions about pyphy
R-repo-dev Development list of the RPMs R repository
S2s-users [no description available]
Scriptome-announce Low-traffic announcements about the Scriptome
Scriptome-users General discussion about the Scriptome
Sewer-l [no description available]
ssml-general Sequence Search Mailing List
Sstu-users [no description available]
Textknowledge-developer Textknowledge developer mailing list
Textknowledge-news Textknowledge project news mailing list
tpe-lfb-cvs Liste de notification de changements dans CVS pour le projet tpe-lfb
Trl-aleya Technology for humanitarian purposes
Vlinux-help Support for the VLinux Bioinformatics Distribution
WABiG-list Worcester (Massachusetts) Area Bioinformatics Group
Wcurve-announce W-curve announcements
Wcurve-devel W-curve developers mailing list
Wikiposon-users [no description available]
Winblast-announcement WinBLAST announcements
Winblast-users WinBLAST users mailing list
Xml2mat-dev XML2Mat developers mailing list

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