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Wed Mar 31 00:11:57 EST 2004

The TACG program does restriction cleavage really nice, and complements
EMBOSS for some functions missing there http://tacg.sourceforge.net/ .
For plasmid maps I think you would have to buy a commercial software


> Hi,
> Thanks for all the feedback!
> I have checked out both sms2 and emboss, and both seem very powerfull.
> From what I gather though, both only seem to output text!
> For restriction enzyme cleavage sites, getting an overview with a
> schema such as this one can be a great help though:
> http://bcr.musc.edu/images/dnastrider.gif
> I know I won't be able to replace DNA Strider before I find something
> that makes nice visual maps as well...
> Did I miss something?
> yannick.
> On 30-Mar-04, at 7:14 PM, Gary Van Domselaar wrote:
>> Hey Gang,
>> For platform-independant sequence _manipulation_ there is the
>> sequence manipulation suite:
>> http://bioinformatics.org/sms2
>> SMS2 and EMBOSS together cover most of what you can expect to get out
>> of
>> an old sequence analysis package like DNA strider.
>> Decidedly,
>> g.
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