[BiO BB] DNA Strider

Yannick Wurm idh at poulet.org
Wed Mar 31 00:22:19 EST 2004

Thanks so much!
the generated maps look great!
Maybe I will be able to convince my biologists to trash DNA Strider 
after all :)


On 31-Mar-04, at 12:11 AM, Stefanie Lager wrote:

> The TACG program does restriction cleavage really nice, and complements
> EMBOSS for some functions missing there http://tacg.sourceforge.net/ .
> For plasmid maps I think you would have to buy a commercial software
> package.
> Stefanie


On 30-Mar-04, at 11:34 PM, Gary Van Domselaar wrote:

> Hi Yannick,
> The guy who made sms2 also makes a map viewer called CGView.  It has 
> been
> implemented in the web server 'PlasMapper':
> http://wishart.biology.ualberta.ca/PlasMapper/index.html
> You can contact him to see about the availability of CGView itself:
> stothard at ualberta.ca
> Regards,
> g.

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