[BioBrew Users] Fixed modulefiles RPM or source?

Glen Otero glen at callident.com
Fri Oct 15 10:48:31 EDT 2004

On Oct 15, 2004, at 6:50 AM, Humberto Ortiz Zuazaga wrote:

> humberto at hpcf.upr.edu said:
>> It looks to me like it's trying to put wise on my path, I just don't 
>> know
>> what program is supposed to be reading these modulefiles.
> Sorry if I sound like I'm whining. I haven't had much sleep this week.

no worries.
> I meant to say I was willing to write /etc/profile.d files to set up 
> and the other programs, but when I found z-biomodules, I thought the 
> purpose
> of the modulefiles was to do the setup, and that I was missing some 
> step to
> get it to work.
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