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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
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I am not (yet) invited and I don't think this will happen two years in a row (or even more than 1 time in my entire life). I like the idea of Apple paying for it, of course (or me not paying for it), because I would have to pay for myself otherwise and can't get sponsored. I think it is a good idea to start lobbying to get Apple to sponsor at least a lunch session in the Science lounge... and at best invite everybody to the WWDC and pay for a suite per person at the Hilton.

In any case, I would love to meet those of you that will attend, and that can happen outside of the WWDC Actually, one of you could even drop a badge from the roof ;-) I live close by, so it is easy for me to simply drive to San Francisco.

Following your message, Alex, something else came to my mind. It may be time to get a nice demo app together before then, that would demonstrate the power (or potential power!) of the framework. An app with just a dozen lines of code and some IB connections that works magically thanks to the framework (using a class à la WebView).


>Hi guys,
>Yesterday the date of WWDC2005 was announced (6-10 june) and Tom and I will definitely go again (very addictive). Although I haven't contributed much in the past month because of you know why, I have been walking around with this idea that I would like to get your opinion on. Wouldn't it be great if we could organize a get together at the WWDC, meet each other in real, learn all about the new stuff in tiger (i.e. what opportunities will Core Data give us in combination with BioCocoa), and discuss/work together on the framework. I think it would be a perfect opportunity to both boost the development progress and set out the future directions/trajectory we have in mind.
>Now my gut feeling says that:
>- Me and Tom will go for sure (that wasn't to difficult to feel) and will apply for a scholarship for admission and travel sponsorship from the institute
>- Peter can go for the scholarship as well, but perhaps joins the Belgian Apple group again ?
>- Charles are you going because of the xgrid stuff again? Do you have an invitation?
>- Jim was there last time, are you going again?
>- And then there are Koen and John, did you guys have any plans in going already?
>So the question is, does any of you already know for sure they're going and who would be interested in going and join in a BioCocoa meeting? Who would be interested but has (financial) considerations that will make it unlikely to come?
>The reason for asking is that if we all like the idea, I'm want to try to convince the people at Apple I met last year to perhaps sponsor/co-organize this event. Therefore I would like to know who would like to come but needs to pay the 1600$ admission fee if he does so. I would like to see if its possible that Apple would sponsor those a free ticket to the WWDC.
>The second thing would be to ask if they're interested in having one of the lunch meetings being centered around BioCocoa. Last year there were quite some bio people there (including a guy from BioPerl), it would be nice to give a little presentation on the framework and discuss the plans and as such both attract new developers perhaps and warm up apple to support our initiative if they like it. Also, Apple is an official sponsor of the Open Bioinformatics Foundation (the mother organisation of BioJava, BioPerl etc), so I guess they are interested in a BioCocoa sibling.
>For those planning to visit WWDC already, I'm looking forward to meet you all! For those that didn't until now, let me know if you're interested and can free the week from the 6-10th of june. It would be great to have our first official BioCocoa meeting!
>Let me know what you think,

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