[Biococoa-dev] new to the list

John Timmer jtimmer at bellatlantic.net
Tue Feb 22 23:05:15 EST 2005


It looks like we've got a few professionals on board now - it'll be good to
have your perspective, and hope I don't come across as too clueless when you
go through the archive.

Do you have some links to point us to so that we can check into the database
adapter?  I'd be interested in looking it over.



> Hi all - 
> I've been lurking on the list for a few weeks but have never introduced
> myself properly.
> I'm a scientific programmer -- formerly a postdoc -- in Lincoln Stein's lab
> at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  I'm a biologist by training although I
> write code full time now.
> By way of background, I primarily work in Perl as the central developer of
> WormBase, and on projects like BioPerl and the Generic Model Organism
> Database project.  I just today released what I hope will become a unified
> API for biological databases, insulating end users from model changes and
> data mining minutae.  I also do basic research in comparative genomics. I'm
> currently working on algorithms for multiple whole genome alignment and
> visualization.
> Anyway, I just wanted to delurk and say hello.  I'm reading messages now as
> I get up to speed with the status of the project.  It's clearly a dynamic
> and dedicated group.  I hope to be able to contribute wherever needed.
> Todd

This mind intentionally left blank

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