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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Wed Feb 23 00:50:14 EST 2005

At 8:09 PM -0700 2/22/05, Todd Harris wrote:
>Hi all -
>I've been lurking on the list for a few weeks but have never introduced
>myself properly.
>I'm a scientific programmer -- formerly a postdoc -- in Lincoln Stein's lab
>at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  I'm a biologist by training although I
>write code full time now.
>By way of background, I primarily work in Perl as the central developer of
>WormBase, and on projects like BioPerl and the Generic Model Organism
>Database project.  I just today released what I hope will become a unified
>API for biological databases, insulating end users from model changes and
>data mining minutae.  I also do basic research in comparative genomics. I'm
>currently working on algorithms for multiple whole genome alignment and
>Anyway, I just wanted to delurk and say hello.  I'm reading messages now as
>I get up to speed with the status of the project.  It's clearly a dynamic
>and dedicated group.  I hope to be able to contribute wherever needed.

It is nice to have somebody with such a background. Hopefully, that will prevent us from reinventing the wheel!!
Today's mailing list activity was quite crazy, too...

For Todd and Philipp:
I am a biologist (mostly at the bench), with a strong background in maths and physics (mostly in the classroom), and with ~ 1 year of work-related experience in Cocoa; but not much experience in bioinformatics per se. Follow the link in my signature to learn more about my main current project.


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