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Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Wed Feb 23 11:35:21 EST 2005

Hi Todd, welcome to the list!
It's great to have someone on board from one of the BioX frameworks.
Just a small question related to recent discussions, are you by any 
chance planning to visit the WWDC? Or would you be interested in going 
if we hold a BioCocoa gathering there?
Looking forward to your contributions, and perhaps you are THE person 
to join the discussion regarding future CoreData integration...

On 23-feb-05, at 4:09, Todd Harris wrote:

> Hi all -
> I've been lurking on the list for a few weeks but have never introduced
> myself properly.
> I'm a scientific programmer -- formerly a postdoc -- in Lincoln 
> Stein's lab
> at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  I'm a biologist by training 
> although I
> write code full time now.
> By way of background, I primarily work in Perl as the central 
> developer of
> WormBase, and on projects like BioPerl and the Generic Model Organism
> Database project.  I just today released what I hope will become a 
> unified
> API for biological databases, insulating end users from model changes 
> and
> data mining minutae.  I also do basic research in comparative 
> genomics. I'm
> currently working on algorithms for multiple whole genome alignment and
> visualization.
> Anyway, I just wanted to delurk and say hello.  I'm reading messages 
> now as
> I get up to speed with the status of the project.  It's clearly a 
> dynamic
> and dedicated group.  I hope to be able to contribute wherever needed.
> Todd
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