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Charles PARNOT charles.parnot at stanford.edu
Sat Mar 26 03:14:58 EST 2005

At 11:11 AM -0500 3/25/05, John Timmer wrote:
>Yeah, I'd read that one over before.  Basically, it suggests grabbing
>everything you need in a loop - the underlying C classes and the pointers to
>their functions - before hand, and using raw C within the loop.  As you can
>see from the example code, there's a HUGE penalty in terms of readability of
>the code.  I've also not had a lot of experience with handling function
>pointers, so I'm hesitant to rely on my ability to do so for something like
>Still, long term it might pay to try this for a couple of situations.

I agree with that very much!! Even the CFArray I have seen here and there in the code have made the code a bit hard to read. Any optimization should be very clearly documented, explaining why. Otherwise, someone will come and modify the code again, thinking somebody made it more complicated than nexessary or missed a possible issue (could very easily happen on the 'symbolArray'!)


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