[BioCocoa-dev] Peptides...

Koen van der Drift kvddrift at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 26 07:03:19 EST 2005

On Mar 26, 2005, at 3:14 AM, Charles PARNOT wrote:

>> Yeah, I'd read that one over before.  Basically, it suggests grabbing
>> everything you need in a loop - the underlying C classes and the 
>> pointers to
>> their functions - before hand, and using raw C within the loop.  As 
>> you can
>> see from the example code, there's a HUGE penalty in terms of 
>> readability of
>> the code.  I've also not had a lot of experience with handling 
>> function
>> pointers, so I'm hesitant to rely on my ability to do so for 
>> something like
>> BioCocoa.
>> Still, long term it might pay to try this for a couple of situations.
>> JT
> I agree with that very much!! Even the CFArray I have seen here and 
> there in the code have made the code a bit hard to read. Any 
> optimization should be very clearly documented, explaining why. 
> Otherwise, someone will come and modify the code again, thinking 
> somebody made it more complicated than nexessary or missed a possible 
> issue (could very easily happen on the 'symbolArray'!)

I tried one the optimizations, and it didn't increase the speed in this 
case. And I also agree, that readability is very important too.

- Koen.

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