[Biococoa-dev] whatsuuup?

Charles Parnot charles.parnot at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 23:40:22 EDT 2005

>> I'd really like to see a stable, usable BioCocoa framework and I'm  
>> willing to do anything I can to help.
>> I'm especially interested in helping with implementing the I/O  
>> classes because I have code available to support much more  
>> formats. The only thing I have been waiting for is a  
>> BCSequenceGroup/BCMatrix/BCWhateverWeWillCallIt class that  
>> represents a group of sequences and can contain information that  
>> applies to one or more sequences in this set. Of course I'm also  
>> willing to help with writing such a class.
> I agree with Peter and Charles. Let's first make sure we have a  
> usable I/O based framework. I think we are pretty close, so if we  
> can get Peter's request in place we are 'almost there' ;-)
> So, could anyone refresh my memory on the BCSequenceGroup class?  
> The way I understand it is that is a wrapper for an array or set of  
> BCSequence objects?
> cheers,
> - Koen.

I suppose there would be some positional information, where the  
sequence are aligned in some specific ways, so an array of sequences  
+ an array of offset should do. The best way to start is to agree on  
a good, simple but complete and consistent header and then the  
implementation almost does not matter and can always be modified in  
the future.


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