[Biococoa-dev] Non genetic tools?

victor jalencas victor.jalencas at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 04:37:01 EDT 2005


 I've been lurking in this list for a few weeks now. I'm a software
developer married to a biologist, and I had a keen interest in biology
in my high-school days as well, so that's why I'm interested in

 I am wondering, though, whether the biococoa project is a
genetics-only project, or are you interested in other disciplines as
well. For example, I have developed some programs for my wife to
measure distances between populations -she is an anthropologist
specialised in demography and populations. I wonder if this kind of
tools would fit in the project, or are better taken elsewhere.

 Thanks for your attention

Victor Jalencas <Victor.Jalencas at gmail.com>

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