[Biococoa-dev] Subversion proposal [correction]

Alexander Griekspoor mek at mekentosj.com
Tue Mar 7 04:15:46 EST 2006

Hi guys,

Hmmm, from "great stuff" to "polluting sample code" huh, thanks!
So just to clear up things, what I did was add a new, standalone  
xcode project that serves as both source and sample code for 1 custom  
foundation and 2 view objects, hence a good name Peter.
Now what I propose to do is the following:
- update the website of BioCocoa ;-)
- post a direct download link with 1) BioCocoa 1.6 and 2) the sample  
code I posted, and explain what it does.
This because many people (including myself like to be able to just  
download a stable release as zip or dmg instead of having to svn it.

Now about that SVN, why don't we indeed give both a place in a spot  
where it's clear those are final versions. This way someone who is  
browsing our SVN can find it somewhere.
Finally its clear that indeed the trunk is what we work on. I don't  
think there's a need to have a BioCocoa 1.7 (say, a future classic  
BioCocoa project), nor a special development space for the KDTextView/ 
EntrezController classes. No, what I would do is the following:
- The additional code in the BCReader class is merged with the new  
one, which focuses on working with the sequencearray objects (Koen  
started this already I believe).
- The KDTextView is put in the BCAppkit directory, and should in  
theory also be enhanced to work with our native objects
- The EntrezController likewise gets a place in the trunk in the  
approriate folder and should be "fixed" to return BioCocoa objects.

That's all I think, and of course the website should also list these  
current developments, how to connect to CVS etc etc.
By the way, to bring even another topic up, wasn't it BioInformatics  
who now also features a wiki for each project?
Maybe we can transfer a lot of discussions we want to archive and  
things like the todo list to that, just like Drew and Charles have  
done for the RemoteActivity monitor: http://tb.chem.vu.nl/wiki/ 


Ps. Charles, did you get did the other toy I sent you?

On 7-mrt-2006, at 9:55, Peter Schols wrote:

> Oops, sorry. I had not read all BioCocoa-dev emails before  
> replying... (got not enough sleep ;-))
> I now understand what you are aiming at with the sample code, and I  
> agree. We could indeed separate these into different Xcode  
> projects. On the other hand, this might make it a bit more  
> difficult to build these sample projects.
> On 07 Mar 2006, at 09:47, Peter Schols wrote:
>>> I agree with you. I think the framework should be one standalone  
>>> project. This is what other developers will use, and I don't  
>>> think it should be 'polluted' with all kind of sample code.
>> Who is talking about sample code?
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