[Biococoa-dev] Subversion proposal [correction]

Peter Schols peter.schols at bio.kuleuven.be
Tue Mar 7 04:54:19 EST 2006

Hi Alex,

I love the Wiki idea! It would be a great way to share the To-Do  
lists and code snippets indeed! BTW: didn't we have a BioCocoa wiki  
already? I seem to remember this vaguely (maybe it was just a  
dream ;-)).

Regarding the SVN: see my previous post to the list. I think Charles'  
approach might be the best for our end users. Keep the trunk as it is  
now in CVS and have a tag with your code. People who want to use the  
framework just check out the latest tag (= your version) and they are  
all set. As you write, we should aim asap for a BioCocoa 2.0 that  
only uses our own foundation classes.


On 07 Mar 2006, at 10:15, Alexander Griekspoor wrote:

> Hi guys,
> Hmmm, from "great stuff" to "polluting sample code" huh, thanks!
> So just to clear up things, what I did was add a new, standalone  
> xcode project that serves as both source and sample code for 1  
> custom foundation and 2 view objects, hence a good name Peter.
> Now what I propose to do is the following:
> - update the website of BioCocoa ;-)
> - post a direct download link with 1) BioCocoa 1.6 and 2) the  
> sample code I posted, and explain what it does.
> This because many people (including myself like to be able to just  
> download a stable release as zip or dmg instead of having to svn it.
> Now about that SVN, why don't we indeed give both a place in a spot  
> where it's clear those are final versions. This way someone who is  
> browsing our SVN can find it somewhere.
> Finally its clear that indeed the trunk is what we work on. I don't  
> think there's a need to have a BioCocoa 1.7 (say, a future classic  
> BioCocoa project), nor a special development space for the  
> KDTextView/EntrezController classes. No, what I would do is the  
> following:
> - The additional code in the BCReader class is merged with the new  
> one, which focuses on working with the sequencearray objects (Koen  
> started this already I believe).
> - The KDTextView is put in the BCAppkit directory, and should in  
> theory also be enhanced to work with our native objects
> - The EntrezController likewise gets a place in the trunk in the  
> approriate folder and should be "fixed" to return BioCocoa objects.
> That's all I think, and of course the website should also list  
> these current developments, how to connect to CVS etc etc.
> By the way, to bring even another topic up, wasn't it  
> BioInformatics who now also features a wiki for each project?
> Maybe we can transfer a lot of discussions we want to archive and  
> things like the todo list to that, just like Drew and Charles have  
> done for the RemoteActivity monitor: http://tb.chem.vu.nl/wiki/ 
> index.php/Remote_Activity_Monitor
> Cheers,
> Alex
> Ps. Charles, did you get did the other toy I sent you?
> On 7-mrt-2006, at 9:55, Peter Schols wrote:
>> Oops, sorry. I had not read all BioCocoa-dev emails before  
>> replying... (got not enough sleep ;-))
>> I now understand what you are aiming at with the sample code, and  
>> I agree. We could indeed separate these into different Xcode  
>> projects. On the other hand, this might make it a bit more  
>> difficult to build these sample projects.
>> On 07 Mar 2006, at 09:47, Peter Schols wrote:
>>>> I agree with you. I think the framework should be one standalone  
>>>> project. This is what other developers will use, and I don't  
>>>> think it should be 'polluted' with all kind of sample code.
>>> Who is talking about sample code?
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