[Biococoa-dev] BioCocoa linux install

paolo siniselli paolo_siniselli at yahoo.it
Thu Mar 27 17:08:03 EDT 2008

I installed all the XMl library I could but I've got
the same errors. I found this googling around:

NB. MacOS-X generates illegal XML for some strings -
those which contain characters not legal in XML.
GNUstep always generates legal XML, at the cost of a
certain degree of compatibility. GNUstep XML property
lists use a backslash to escape illegal chatracters,
and consequently any string containing either a
backslash or an illegal character will be written
differently to the same string on MacOS-X.

Do you think this is the problem?
Thank you very much

--- Scott Christley <schristley at mac.com> wrote:

> These messages do not look good.  Seems to indicate
> that something is  
> wrong with the XML parsing in GNUstep.  It is
> necessary for the XML  
> parsing to be enabled and functional with GNUstep in
> order for  
> BioCocoa to work.

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