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Inken Wohlers I.Wohlers at cwi.nl
Mon Aug 15 06:09:17 EDT 2011

Hi Michael and hi CMview developers!

Here the answers to the questions below.
The operating system on which I am running CMview is Fedora 14.
I figured out now that in some cases the DaliLite alignment does work. For example, I can align 1c52A and 1gdvA if I load them from online pdb. Aligning 1c52A with 1c52A or 1gdvA with 1gdvA doesn't work though (maybe the problem is aligning identical proteins / pdbs with the same name?). 

If I use my local pdb files by using "Load from PDB file", there is a slightly different error and I tried different pdb files but couldn't find any for which the Dali alignment works. The error message is always the same in these cases.

I attach my local copy of 1c52A and 1gdvA and the error messages. "out_err_1c52.txt" shows the errors for the case of loading the input files from online pdb, "out_err_1c52_local.txt" shows the errors for loading the input files from local pdb files.
Maybe from this you see an easy way of fixing it?

Thank you and best regards,

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Dear Inken -

Thanks for the feedback! At the moment I can't reproduce the bug and so
I don't have a solution right away - hence I cc this to the
cmview-developers list
- maybe someone has got an idea or experienced something similar.

Maybe these questions will help us to nail the bug:
There were a couple of bugs which occurred only in one operating system
but not others - so which system are you running cmview on?
Is there any output on the console for errors?
Did you try running DaliLite on its own -
just to make sure the problem isn't there...

Thanks & best wishes! cheers .\\ichael

On Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 7:13 PM, Inken Wohlers Wohlers at cwi.nl> wrote:

> Dear Dr. Michael Lappe,
> Today I started using CMView, it is a very useful tool!
> I have a problem though with displaying the DaliLite alignment. I hope you
> can help me with this? I now use DaliLite version 2.4.5 (and set the
> environment variable accordingly). Apparently the alignment is computed,
> there is a file /tmp/cmviewDALI626802241258640/A-A.html containing the
> alignment. But then nothing happens. When pointing on the window, there is
> another icon instead of the arrow indicating that the program is working,
> but for minutes nothing happens. There is also no error message, and it is
> possible to continue using the window (which displays only the first contact
> map). The other alignment functions are all working fine.
> I also have DaliLite 3.3 available, but it doesn't seem to work. Should
> this work? (Resultfiles are a bit different than in the older DaliLite
> version).
> Thank you for your help and time!
> Best regards,
> Inken Wohlers
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