[ghemical-users] Problem Running Ghemical

Jean Bréfort jean.brefort at normalesup.org
Sat Feb 5 17:04:48 EST 2011

I'm surprised it uses libghemical/2.98, on my computer, the link
is /usr/share/libghemical/2.99.1/builder/amino.txt
Do you have several versions of libghemical installed? Where did you
install libghemical-2.99.1 /usr? /usr/local? elsewhere?


Le samedi 05 février 2011 à 15:03 -0500, Stephen P. Molnar a écrit :
> I have just installed ghemical-2.99.2 and libghemical-2.99.1 on my OpenSuSE v11.2 64bit system, Ther ewere no compiling or installation errors.
> When I attem[pt to run ghemical I get the following messages:
> computation at linux-iq76:~> whereis ghemical
> ghemical: /usr/bin/ghemical /usr/bin/X11/ghemical /usr/local/bin/ghemical /usr/include/ghemical /usr/share/ghemical
> computation at linux-iq76:~> /usr/bin/ghemical
> OpenGL extension version - 1.2
> DEBUG ; preparing to open file /usr/share/libghemical/2.98/builder/amino.txt
> Error : could not open file /usr/share/libghemical/2.98/builder/amino.txt
> It would appear that the problem is that amino.txt is in /usr/share/libghemical4/2.98/builder rather than at the end of the path shown in the Error message.
> I really don't nave the faintest idea as to what may be going on here and would be most appreciative of any assistance in resolving this problem.
> Thanks in advance.

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