[meltsim] difference plot in meltsim?

Kevin Hollevoet kevin.hollevoet at ugent.be
Wed Aug 22 01:56:45 EDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

With the difference plot i mean that the differences in melting curve  
shape, who can be further analyzed by subtracting the curves from a  
reference curve. This helps cluster samples automatically into groups  
that have similar melting curves, so something else then the derivate  
profile, pos map and pos profile.

and i think i made a fault before by presumig i could do it with the  
log data from meltsim because that are the derivate profile data.

i'll send you a file about the HRM tool (light-cycler)we use in the  
lab, that way i can make myself totally clear.

so i wondered if it is possible to simulate these difference plots  
with some software...

kind regards,


Citeren "J.W. Bizzaro" <jeff at bioinformatics.org>:

> Hi Kevin,
> Are you asking about a plot of the difference between two melting
> curves (derivative profile, positional map, or positional profile?) or
> something else?
> Jeff
> Kevin Hollevoet wrote:
>> hello,
>> i was wondering i you have within melstim any simulation option   
>> that can generate the difference plots? i think it is possible if i  
>>  do it with the log data from different data in excel or some other  
>>  program, but that is obviously quite some work.
>> so simulation of some difference plot to show the possible   
>> clustering would be very attractive to us. because we are trying to  
>>  show that HRM analysis of heterogene methylated NB cellines is not  
>>  possible. in other words that the clustering would be  
>> insignificant  to give some idea about the methylation status.
>> could you give me a hint here?
>> thank you,
>> kevin
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