[MeltSim] calculating melting curve of mixture of 2 different DNAmolecules

Petar Ozretić pozretic at irb.hr
Thu Aug 20 08:36:34 EDT 2009

Well yes, that would be logical approach but as in the high resolution melting
analysis of one gene, you should be able do distinct 3 different  
melt.curves (two for two types of homozygous alleles and one for  
heterozygous allele that is, by the way, in a test tube present as a  
mixture of 4 different kind of dsDNA molecules! So I'm wondering is a  
melting curve of mixture of 2 DNAs just a sum of
2 melting curves of each DNA alone?!

> Hi Petar,
> MELTSIM Is not set up I believe to calculate two different molecules  
> simultaneously. But why not just calculate each of them separately  
> under identical condition? That is functionally equivalent to doing  
> a mixture of the two. Whether you'll see much difference between the  
> two with 1 nucleotide change remains to be seen.
> Good luck   -Ken Marx

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