[Molvis-list] Exporting molecular surfaces

Paul Pillot paul.pillot at wanadoo.fr
Tue Jun 7 22:55:49 EDT 2005

Bathsheba Grossman a écrit :

>Here's a question which may be obvious: I need to make molecular
>surfaces with fine resolution, and export the surfaces as mesh files,
>under Windows.  I've been using the GRASS service, which is very nice
>but makes rather coarse surfaces.
>I see that most viewers are able to compute nice surfaces, and some
>offer control of how fine the triangulation is, which is great, but
>I'm having trouble getting any of them to export the surface.  I don't
>need a 2D picture or rendering, but the actual 3D data as an STL, DXF,
>VRML, or any 3D mesh file format.  Even a .pov or .rib file intended
>for a renderer could work.
>Any advice for a tyro?
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I have used Yasara and MolMol to produce "good-looking" surfaces and 
export them in PovRay. But I don't know if this is what you need.

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