[Pipet Devel] Loci meeting?

J. Steinbachs stein at fmppr.fmnh.org
Wed Aug 4 10:51:02 EDT 1999

> > I cant see what's stopping us from doing both ;-)
> Sure, we'll do both.  I gathered a number of descriptions below (the O'Reilly
> one is too soon).  But one thing we'll have to consider about these
> non-scientific conferences, is that they cater to businesses that rent exhibit
> space.  The bioinformatics conferences will have typical, scientific
> poster-sessions, but I'm not so sure about the Linux conferences; we'll have to
> look into it further.


My husband is involved in the Windowmaker project (webmaster/mailing
list moderator) and was asked last year to go to some conference to be
the Windowmaker presence at their booth/poster/whatever it was (I guess
nobody else could go).  He couldn't go, but I'll see (1) which Linux
thing that was and (2) how they would have gone about it because they
too don't have money.


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