[Pipet Devel] Oh boy, a screenshot!

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at bc.edu
Sun Aug 8 19:47:24 EDT 1999


Here is the latest screenshot of the Loci Workspace.  You can see the loci now
have multiple inputs (represented by a line with an outlined circle and no
arrow) as well as outputs (solid circle with arrow).  The number of inputs and
outputs (which are highly exaggerated in this screenshot) are predefined, and
the lines appear when the locus does.  An output can be connected to an input,
and visa versa, which will semi-permanently connect two loci.

You'll also notice the change in coloring.  My thinking is we will have numerous
locus (box) shapes (depending on locus function) and one color per shape.  The
black locus is "selected".  I'm also thinking we can have a moderate amount of
theme-ing, thanks to Gtk+: The background can be black instead of white, or we
could use pixmap tiling.  The same applies to other widgets.

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