[Pipet Devel] thoughts on UI->DL communication

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Wed Apr 12 01:27:45 EDT 2000

> So, how would the DL 'wrap' a UI?  Isn't this the same as making the UI a
> library?


> But which is easier: making the DL in C and making language bindings to the
> DL, or making a new corba idl?

For us, or for future 3th party developpers?

> >
> > They have to? There's no way the DL code can be compiled as binairy??
> > (Python -> C -> binairy)
> I was suggesting to pull out Brad's upper teeth.  Now you're suggesting to
> pull out his lower teeth ;-)
> Making the DL in C is an option, and one I did not think of.

Not making, but compiling, automaocally, like the pascal-2-C convertors.

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