[Pipet Devel] J.W. Bizzaro; TODO 20000218

J.W. Bizzaro bizzaro at geoserve.net
Fri Feb 18 11:36:18 EST 2000

Here is my personal TODO:

J.W. Bizzaro; TODO 20000218
1.  Split gi workspace up into many more modules to keep things easy to
2.  Make windowlets resizable via dragging frame.
3.  Add multiple locus selection to gi workspace.  SHIFT-button1 and
CTRL-button1 will
    do this.
4.  Work on locus deletion.  Brad started this.  There should be 2 types: (1)
    removal and (2) change to a composite locus, which uses (1).
5.  Work on locus disconnection via pop-up menu over connector.
6.  Add windowlets to locus connectors.  These will give connector
7.  Pop-up menu needs to reflect the item selected: locus, connector or
8.  For the time being, I want locus addition to take place via DnD with
containers.  The
    'Add' pop-up submenu in the end will be for adding MIME and connection
    loci to other loci.  We're a long way from doing that, so I want to remove
it (Brad).
9.  We need a locus clipboard for doing copy/cut/paste of loci.  I think this
should be
    a subtype of the composite locus type and able to be placed on the
10. Loci needs to start up with a few loci already on the workspace:
11. Establish communication pipe with middleware.  NOTE that the gi workspace
is a 'dumb'
    front-end to the middleware, and that some of what has been hard-coded
into the
    gi workspace (by Brad) needs to be abstracted out to the middleware.

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