[Pipet Devel] new loci module is on cvs

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Sun Jan 23 12:36:38 EST 2000

>I put the code from loci-file into a new module called 'loci'.  The
>organization of the loci module is drastically different from that of
>loci-file, using the directory structure I posted earlier.  Please give it a
>gander.  And note that the modules loci-file and loci-core are officially
>DEAD: All future work will take place in the module loci.  (This does not
>apply to loci-doc.)

Cool beans! Thanks Jeff!

>BTW, I fixed _everything_ that broke from the reorganization.

Wow! A *lot* of work!

>It should work
>just like loci-file.  To find out where things have moved to, look at the file
>STRUCT in the root directory.  To make finding things easier, I put the old
>loci-file directory structure below the new one.

Looks great from a first glance. I've been working on my local copy a bit
and making some changes so I'll integrate the changes into the new loci
module and hopefully have that committed sometime tonight.
	Hey, can I ask a personal favor? Can we not cvs *.pyc files? I just
hate them for no good reason, and we might as well not store them in cvs
since they don't really have any new information over the actual code files.
	Thanks again for taking care of that, Jeff. I'm looking forward to
working in the brand new module!


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