[Pipet Devel] GMS

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Mon Mar 13 15:06:38 EST 2000

> >
> >     Hopefully we will be able to find a compromise that lets Jarl keep
> > creative freedom over the goals of GMS, and lets Loci take care of
> > its objectives. I think we are too close in design goals to not try
> > working together for a better overall final product.
> Once again, there are many, many, many ideas we have that came from years of
> thought and discussion.  I don't want to throw any of that out but see how we
> can implement them in a Loci/GMS system.

Ofcourse, the result should only get better out of a merge.

>  We need to have some serious
> discussions with Jarl, Jean-Marc and Dominic about all of these ideas.

As I mentioned earlier: the first subject of discussion should be the differance

between the classes\objects 'filosophy' of both systems.. I think your choose
to implement different types based upon functionality isn't the way it should be

done. I'm supporting the 'one global do-everything object".

I'm very curious why Loci classes are implemented the way they are...


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