[Pipet Devel] LaTeX etc. WAS executing a network script

Jean-Marc Valin jean-marc.valin at hermes.usherb.ca
Tue May 9 20:33:47 EDT 2000

>     In my mind, LaTeX is a better choice. I think the most difficult
> thing about LaTeX is learning it, and getting all of the tools working
> on your system to generate the right kind of documentation. However,
> it seems like LyX helps a lot in this regard.

I think LyX is the easiest word processor (although technically, they say it's
not a word processor), though LaTeX is more standard. The best would be to be
able to use both, as Brad suggested, but I see one problem. You can export from
LyX to LaTeX, but if you modify the LaTeX file, you can't put it back in the LyX
document. There's a LaTeX to LyX converter (called ReLyX), but I don't think we
should rely on it too much (it must be fault-free). Any thought on this?


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