[Pipet Devel] where is piper going?

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Sun Sep 10 00:20:06 EDT 2000

> Where is Piper going next?  Who knows?  Actually, we do have a pretty clear
> idea, but we want to keep our options open.

I think there're are three objectives attracted to form what Piper will be:
1. The needs to have a tool that links application to each other
2. A network of nodes that are executed in a powerfull environment
3. A platform that offers a better way of building a system on top

Think everybody can link these points to specific Piper participants :)

> What should we be coding next?  Actually, I should be used to these questions
> from Brad.  He told me very early on that he's a code monkey and not a
> coordinator.  What we should code on next is whatever anyone thinks will help
> us reach the most recently drafted design goals.  I can't dictate the coding
> any closer than that, and I probably shouldn't.  We've had some heated
> arguments at the times I told Brad what should be done with his code.  Plus, I
> don't have the depth of knowledge that Jean-Marc and Jarl have regarding how
> their particular code bases can be developed.

We still need to finish the 1st phase of creating Piper: getting a pilot to
actually run :)


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