[Pipet Devel] progress

jarl van katwijk jarl at casema.net
Thu Jan 11 06:51:01 EST 2001

> > What do you mean by this Brad? Has the Overflow API\formatting changed ?
> No API has changed, but Jeff made a lot of changes to the organization
> of the Pied UI code, and it just looks like not all of the
> functionality that the old organization had working got propogated to
> the new code.

Jeff, you know about this?

> > The submitted networks are passed on the Document::run() already.
> It does? Is this code in CVS? I was basing the fact that it didn't do
> anything on reading the Representation_upload() code in
> messaging_db.c, and it doesn't look like it does anything more than
> return a valid URI. Am I looking in the wrong place? Or maybe I had
> just drunk too much beer before looking at the code? :-)

The code is in plugins/plugin_sensor_DL.c. The code you were looking at
is old and should be cleaned ;)
If you want to have a look at the BL->PL code, it's in

OK, I can imaging this to be unclear, I'll make a picture of the setup later

> > Try comitting the hello.n and it will be executed by the PL. But
> > when I try to do something more complex, Overflow start complaining
> > about things not being ok. My problem here is that I dont understand
> > how Overflow needs the node structurized.
> The XML that the DL creates should, to the best of my understanding,
> be what Overflow needs

Ic. So all I have to do now is to understand the structure of the Overflow
networks: what needs to be there, what types of nodes can be at the beginning of
a network, which ones at the end, etc. Is there such a document around?


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