[Pipet Devel] progress

jarl jarl at planetx.bastards.nl
Thu Jan 11 03:47:02 EST 2001

> > > Try comitting the hello.n and it will be executed by the PL. But
> > > when I try to do something more complex, Overflow start complaining
> > > about things not being ok. My problem here is that I dont understand
> > > how Overflow needs the node structurized.
> What does Overflow say exactly?

This aint a question I can answer, I think you dont understand my problem yet. It's like asking me to reproduce a chinees sentence so that somebody can translate it for me. The way Overflow handles networks is like chinees to me :)
So I'll ask you again: spend 1 or 2 hours compiling Piper, and playing with it. Maybe you find that all is working fine (by all I mean creating->uploading->executing networks), but probably there're bug you can point me at. 

There's simply too much noise for me to get a clear picture of what's working right and what it not. 

> > If you are referring to how to structure Overflow nodes together to
> > make it do useful work, this is probably best explained by
> > Jean-Marc. I played with Overflow quite a bit in the past, which
> > helped me learn what little I do know, but he is definately the expert
> > :-).
> What do you mean by "how to structure Overflow nodes together"?
What type of nodes are allowed to be used as a 'start' of a network, which ones should be one the end, and what other 'rules' are there for a Overflow network?


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