[Pipet Devel] Piper progress

Brad Chapman chapmanb at arches.uga.edu
Fri May 4 15:36:24 EDT 2001

Hi Jeff!

> The 20th is the second/last day of BOSC.  I was thinking about
> including Piper in the BOSC coding party, so that's why I mentioned
> that day.  Are BioPython and BioCORBA being coded on both days or on
> different days?  Does each project get one or two time-slots for
> coding?  

I have no idea how it will work -- I'm not even sure if there is a
plan yet. The only thing I heard was that mornings were for talks and
afternoons/evenings were for coding. I imagine it'll be pretty informal
with the people who are into the projects doing most of the
coding. You'd probably have to ask Ewan or someone in the know about
the plans, but I don't even know if anything is set yet.
> You're right, having computers would be a problem for any other
> time.  But it would be fun if we could pull it off.

You might want to ask about how many computers they'll have before
planning it -- there can only be a finite number of computers (hey,
Suns are expensive you know!), so I don't know they'll be split up or
whatever. Just something to think about.
> It'll be called "BiO BoF 2001", and it is
> currently unannounced.  But stay tuned for it.

Sounds fun, although with all of those alternating upper and lowercase 
letters, people might think you're talking about some new LaTeX
project :-).


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