[Pipet Users] Piper config errors....

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Tue Feb 27 18:23:18 EST 2001

Hi Pipers,

just checked out piper via anon cvs and tried to autogen it.

The first funny thing was that it complained about a missing
AUTHORS file ( funny, because it's there ) and then, grepping
through the config log I found the following:

automake: Makefile.am: required file ./AUTHORS' not found
automake: Makefile.am: required file ./AUTHORS' not found
./configure: GNOME_INIT: command not found
./configure: GNOME_COMPILE_WARNINGS: command not found
./configure: GNOME_INIT: command not found

similar stuff is defined in some .m4 files, these two, however,
are not. So obviously the config procedure gets confused.

I did not try a rollback to find out from when on this happened,
but clearly something is missing right now.

Need to run it once more to ask a few questions about the BL <>
PL interface....

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