[Pipet Users] DL to PL connection structure of the BL

Karl-Max Wagner karlmax at oberland.net
Wed Jan 31 08:47:52 EST 2001

> > What might be good in there would be to add the communications
> > mechanism between the different blocks: DL and BL talk together
> > over CORBA and XML,
> see ./piper/idl/DL2BL.idl ;)
> Not a perfect idl, but something we can work with.
> And about xml: the dl outputs xml formatted data. Nice to see such a similair
> view on the design :)

No, what I wanted to say is that it would be good in the block
diagram to note that the communications in this place uses
CORBA. It's just adding a few words and OTOH saves a lot of time
poking through the code.

> > and the BL talk to the PL in fact by
> > plugging library functions together and running them.
> see ./piper/idl/BL2PL.idl

So that means BL and PL also communicate using CORBA, right ? If
so, it would come in handy if that were noted in the diagram as
well - particularly because that is new. In older docs it was
written that BL and PL communicate over direct library calls.

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