[Pipet Users] Re: Open-source fans try to outflank .Net - Tech News - CNET.com

Jarl van Katwijk jarl at xs4all.nl
Wed Jul 4 20:06:06 EDT 2001

> Here's a good question: Is it possible to create an "open-source Linux-based
> clone" of a Windows-centric system/standard dictated by "embrace, extend,
> extinguish" Microsoft?

Are you asking us or is this a part of the quote? Anyways, I think .net 
will be crushed unther it's own weight: it's mad to think Mircrosoft or 
any other firm could build it. A 'general VM that abstracts any hardware 
' is something out a satiric movie about an insane scientist. Will die 
same death as Java: burried in it's little nich where it has some sort 
of usefullness. And forgotten once it's no longer a buzz word.

Hmm.. maybe I'm having a scinical mood orso ;-)

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