[Proteopedia] New Feature: export page for offline viewing

Eran Hodis eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il
Tue Jan 20 07:17:10 EST 2009

Jaim has added another wonderful feature to Proteopedia -- the ability  
to export pages in Proteopedia for offline viewing.

This feature has been needed for a long time, as anyone who intended  
on presenting a page in Proteopedia during a lecture needed previously  
to rely on a stable internet connection.  Now you'll find a link on  
the left hand toolbar of Proteopedia called "Export this page".  When  
clicked, it downloads a folder to your computer which contains  
everything you need to view the page offline.  Just navigate to that  
downloaded folder and open the file "index.html" in your browser of  

This export feature is immediately useful for presentations and  
lectures, as well as for submitting the page as supplementary material  
for a paper, which can then be hosted by the journal's website rather  
than Proteopedia, if they so prefer.

Please let us know if you encounter any bugs, and send us any feedback.


Eran Hodis
eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il

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