[Proteopedia] Redirect when Java is missing?

Eran Hodis eran.hodis at weizmann.ac.il
Tue Feb 16 13:56:41 EST 2010

That's fair. 

The current behavior is as follows. If a user does not have Java installed (which would prevent the use of Jmol), then she is redirected to a non-Jmol version of the Main Page, which also instucts her to download and install Java. This functions to alert the user of her lack of Java, but also prevents her from browsing the site.

Another potential solution is to detect a user's lack of Java and simply display a very obvious banner at the top of the page notifying the user that she does not have Java installed, and where to get it if she wants to browse Proteopedia with interactive 3d models.

I'd be interested to hear thoughts on this alternative, or other alternatives, for the experience we would want to provide for a user without Java.


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I find it strange that I can't browse the PP website if I don't have
Java installed. I realize that a lot of the functionality of the site
will be missing if I don't have Java installed. However, I would
expect the 'warning you don't have Java' message to appear on every
page, but not to be forced back to the Main Page.

Even without Java, I would like to read the information on other pages in PP.


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