[Proteopedia] Redirect when Java is missing?

Angel Herráez angel.herraez at uah.es
Tue Feb 16 15:11:41 EST 2010

If PP is using Jmol.js, the place of the JmolApplet will be automatically filles with a yellow 
notice advising to install Java.
When I first disabled Java in my browser yesterday, while displaying a non-home page in 
PP, I'd say that I saw that yellow box in the same page I had. It was quickly replaced by the 
non-Java Main Page, which is the only one I could see thereafter, no matter where  tried to 

Oh yes, I've just seen the same today, and in a different browser: the page initially loads 
with the yellow notice provided by Jmol.js, then it is replaced by the Main_Page_Static

So, just removing the redirect would preserve the non-Java content in pages.
If you want, you can customize the yellow note to say something more PP-specific just by 
overridng the relevant function in Jmol.js. I've done it before to give a message in Spanish. 
The procedure is briefly documented inside Jmol.js (I can give help if you need it).

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