REGULATOR is a metazoan transcription factor and maternal factor resource, which are specially designed for developmental biology studies. There are ~77 metazoan species in the current database, the identification of TFs was based on statistical information similarity of proteins features.
    As many previous TF databases, REGULATOR contains more information, including both basic annotations, e.g. InterPro, Gene ontology, KEGG pathways and so on. Besides, gene expression profiles among various tissues and development stages were also incorporated. In addition, maternal factors which are critical for development were also listed.


The paper was published in BMC bioinformatics entitled " REGULATOR: a database of metazoan transcription factors and maternal factors for developmental studies".


More about development:

Growth and Development Transcription factor Maternal effect Mid-blastula transition
Maternal to zygotic transition Maternal influence on sex determination Prenatal development Embryonic development
Mammalian embryogenesis Human embryogenesis Drosophila embryogenesis Embryonic stem cell
Cell fate determination Oocyte Pattern formation Regional specification