Basic Information
Gene ID 100920307
Gene Name STAT5B
Full Name Signal transducer and activator of transcription
Organism Sarcophilus harrisii [9305]

Cross Reference
UniProt G3VMK2 UniGene NULL
KEGG shr:100920307 UCSC NULL

Protein Interactions

Transcript ID
Protein ID
Gene ID

InterPro Annotation
Protein Program Term IPRS Start End Score Description
XP_003768247 Gene3D G3DSA: IPR011992 472 597 1.30e-47 EF-hand domain pair
XP_003768247 Gene3D G3DSA:1.10.532.10 IPR013799 1 126 8.60e-48 STAT transcription factor, protein interaction
XP_003768247 Gene3D G3DSA:1.20.1050.20 IPR013800 139 332 1.20e-64 STAT transcription factor, all-alpha
XP_003768247 Gene3D G3DSA: IPR012345 333 471 5.90e-69 STAT transcription factor, DNA-binding, subdomain
XP_003768247 Gene3D G3DSA:3.30.505.10 IPR000980 598 712 1.50e-40 SH2 domain
XP_003768247 PANTHER PTHR11801 IPR001217 2 779 0.00e-00 Transcription factor STAT
XP_003768247 Pfam PF00017 IPR000980 595 667 1.80e-10 SH2 domain
XP_003768247 Pfam PF01017 IPR013800 138 330 1.60e-55 STAT transcription factor, all-alpha
XP_003768247 Pfam PF02864 IPR013801 332 583 1.40e-98 STAT transcription factor, DNA-binding
XP_003768247 Pfam PF02865 IPR013799 2 125 6.70e-47 STAT transcription factor, protein interaction
XP_003768247 ProSiteProfiles PS50001 IPR000980 589 686 0.00e-00 SH2 domain
XP_003768247 SMART SM00252 IPR000980 587 705 1.30e-07 SH2 domain
XP_003768247 SMART SM00964 IPR013799 2 126 2.60e-66 STAT transcription factor, protein interaction
XP_003768247 SUPERFAMILY SSF47655 IPR015988 136 332 0.00e-00 STAT transcription factor, coiled coil
XP_003768247 SUPERFAMILY SSF48092 IPR013799 1 125 0.00e-00 STAT transcription factor, protein interaction
XP_003768247 SUPERFAMILY SSF49417 IPR008967 327 584 0.00e-00 p53-like transcription factor, DNA-binding

Pfam Annotation
Protein Pfam ID E.value Name Description
XP_003768247 PF01017 0 STAT_alpha STAT protein, all-alpha domain
XP_003768247 PF02864 0 STAT_bind STAT protein, DNA binding domain
XP_003768247 PF02865 0 STAT_int STAT protein, protein interaction domain
XP_003768247 PF00017 1.4e-11 SH2 SH2 domain

Gene Ontology Annotation
Protein Entry Name Space Description
XP_003768247 GO:0001553 biological_process luteinization
XP_003768247 GO:0001779 biological_process natural killer cell differentiation
XP_003768247 GO:0006351 biological_process transcription, DNA-templated
XP_003768247 GO:0007259 biological_process JAK-STAT cascade
XP_003768247 GO:0007565 biological_process female pregnancy
XP_003768247 GO:0007595 biological_process lactation
XP_003768247 GO:0019218 biological_process regulation of steroid metabolic process
XP_003768247 GO:0019915 biological_process lipid storage
XP_003768247 GO:0030155 biological_process regulation of cell adhesion
XP_003768247 GO:0030856 biological_process regulation of epithelial cell differentiation
XP_003768247 GO:0038161 biological_process prolactin signaling pathway
XP_003768247 GO:0040018 biological_process positive regulation of multicellular organism growth
XP_003768247 GO:0042104 biological_process positive regulation of activated T cell proliferation
XP_003768247 GO:0043029 biological_process T cell homeostasis
XP_003768247 GO:0043066 biological_process negative regulation of apoptotic process
XP_003768247 GO:0045086 biological_process positive regulation of interleukin-2 biosynthetic process
XP_003768247 GO:0045579 biological_process positive regulation of B cell differentiation
XP_003768247 GO:0045647 biological_process negative regulation of erythrocyte differentiation
XP_003768247 GO:0045931 biological_process positive regulation of mitotic cell cycle
XP_003768247 GO:0045944 biological_process positive regulation of transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
XP_003768247 GO:0046543 biological_process development of secondary female sexual characteristics
XP_003768247 GO:0050729 biological_process positive regulation of inflammatory response
XP_003768247 GO:0005634 cellular_component nucleus
XP_003768247 GO:0005737 cellular_component cytoplasm
XP_003768247 GO:0003700 molecular_function sequence-specific DNA binding transcription factor activity
XP_003768247 GO:0004871 molecular_function signal transducer activity
XP_003768247 GO:0005509 molecular_function calcium ion binding