Basic Information
Gene ID 101240601
Gene Name CCDC70
Full Name Coiled-coil domain-containing protein 70
Organism Hydra magnipapillata [6087]

Cross Reference
UniProt T2MC19 UniGene NULL

Protein Interactions

Transcript ID
Protein ID
Gene ID

Pfam Annotation
Protein Pfam ID E.value Name Description
XP_004206834 PF05465 2.1e-19 Halo_GVPC Halobacterial gas vesicle protein C (GVPC) repeat
XP_004206834 PF07106 8e-12 TBPIP Tat binding protein 1(TBP-1)-interacting protein (TBPIP)
XP_004206834 PF08317 1.5e-11 Spc7 Spc7 kinetochore protein
XP_004206834 PF07926 2.9e-09 TPR_MLP1_2 TPR/MLP1/MLP2-like protein
XP_004206834 PF13166 2.9e-09 AAA_13 AAA domain
XP_004206834 PF06148 1.4e-08 COG2 COG (conserved oligomeric Golgi) complex component, COG2
XP_004206834 PF05701 3.9e-08 WEMBL Weak chloroplast movement under blue light
XP_004206834 PF05791 4.7e-08 Bacillus_HBL Bacillus haemolytic enterotoxin (HBL)
XP_004206834 PF03999 2.2e-07 MAP65_ASE1 Microtubule associated protein (MAP65/ASE1 family)
XP_004206834 PF02403 2.6e-07 Seryl_tRNA_N Seryl-tRNA synthetase N-terminal domain
XP_004206834 PF11180 3.4e-07 DUF2968 Protein of unknown function (DUF2968)
XP_004206834 PF13870 4.1e-07 DUF4201 Domain of unknown function (DUF4201)
XP_004206834 PF01814 5.5e-07 Hemerythrin Hemerythrin HHE cation binding domain
XP_004206834 PF04156 6.4e-07 IncA IncA protein
XP_004206834 PF10473 6.5e-07 CENP-F_leu_zip Leucine-rich repeats of kinetochore protein Cenp-F/LEK1
XP_004206834 PF05667 8.9e-07 DUF812 Protein of unknown function (DUF812)
XP_004206834 PF01166 1.1e-06 TSC22 TSC-22/dip/bun family
XP_004206834 PF15397 1.4e-06 DUF4618 Domain of unknown function (DUF4618)
XP_004206834 PF09730 2.4e-06 BicD Microtubule-associated protein Bicaudal-D
XP_004206834 PF06156 2.9e-06 DUF972 Protein of unknown function (DUF972)
XP_004206834 PF01920 3.6e-06 Prefoldin_2 Prefoldin subunit
XP_004206834 PF00038 3.9e-06 Filament Intermediate filament protein
XP_004206834 PF12795 4.7e-06 MscS_porin Mechanosensitive ion channel porin domain
XP_004206834 PF09789 5e-06 DUF2353 Uncharacterized coiled-coil protein (DUF2353)
XP_004206834 PF03961 5.9e-06 DUF342 Protein of unknown function (DUF342)
XP_004206834 PF12128 6.9e-06 DUF3584 Protein of unknown function (DUF3584)
XP_004206834 PF07813 8.6e-06 LTXXQ LTXXQ motif family protein
XP_004206834 PF10805 8.6e-06 DUF2730 Protein of unknown function (DUF2730)
XP_004206834 PF07361 1e-05 Cytochrom_B562 Cytochrome b562
XP_004206834 PF15039 1.5e-05 DUF4530 Domain of unknown function (DUF4530)
XP_004206834 PF04111 1.6e-05 APG6 Autophagy protein Apg6
XP_004206834 PF07160 2.4e-05 DUF1395 Protein of unknown function (DUF1395)
XP_004206834 PF07889 3e-05 DUF1664 Protein of unknown function (DUF1664)
XP_004206834 PF06160 4.1e-05 EzrA Septation ring formation regulator, EzrA
XP_004206834 PF08614 0.00014 ATG16 Autophagy protein 16 (ATG16)
XP_004206834 PF00769 0.00015 ERM Ezrin/radixin/moesin family
XP_004206834 PF12287 0.00016 Caprin-1_C Cytoplasmic activation/proliferation-associated protein-1 C term
XP_004206834 PF09486 0.00036 HrpB7 Bacterial type III secretion protein (HrpB7)
XP_004206834 PF03962 0.00045 Mnd1 Mnd1 family
XP_004206834 PF00170 0.00065 bZIP_1 bZIP transcription factor
XP_004206834 PF06103 0.0008 DUF948 Bacterial protein of unknown function (DUF948)
XP_004206834 PF08581 0.00089 Tup_N Tup N-terminal

Gene Ontology Annotation
Protein Entry Name Space Description
XP_004206834 GO:0005576 cellular_component extracellular region
XP_004206834 GO:0005886 cellular_component plasma membrane