Basic Information
Gene ID 172788
Gene Name ahr-1; C41G7.5
Full Name Aryl hydrocarbon receptor protein 1
Organism Caenorhabditis elegans [6239]

Cross Reference
UniProt O44712 UniGene Cel.19551
KEGG cel:CELE_C41G7.5 UCSC C41G7.5a

Protein Interactions
IntAct O44712
STRING 6239.C41G7.5a

Transcript ID
Protein ID
Gene ID

InterPro Annotation
Protein Program Term IPRS Start End Score Description
C41G7.5a Pfam PF00989 IPR013767 135 201 8.00e-09 PAS fold
C41G7.5a Pfam PF08447 IPR013655 298 377 4.20e-07 PAS fold-3
C41G7.5a ProSiteProfiles PS50112 IPR000014 134 190 0.00e-00 PAS domain
C41G7.5a ProSiteProfiles PS50888 IPR011598 18 71 0.00e-00 Myc-type, basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) domain
C41G7.5a SMART SM00091 IPR000014 128 194 4.50e-14 PAS domain
C41G7.5a SMART SM00353 IPR011598 25 79 1.70e-04 Myc-type, basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) domain
C41G7.5a SUPERFAMILY SSF55785 IPR000014 138 190 0.00e-00 PAS domain
C41G7.5a SUPERFAMILY SSF55785 IPR000014 291 385 0.00e-00 PAS domain

Pfam Annotation
Protein Pfam ID E.value Name Description
C41G7.5a PF08447 9.6e-15 PAS_3 PAS fold
C41G7.5a PF00989 1.1e-10 PAS PAS fold
C41G7.5a PF14598 2.9e-10 PAS_11 PAS domain
C41G7.5a PF13426 1.2e-05 PAS_9 PAS domain

Gene Ontology Annotation
Protein Entry Name Space Description
C41G7.5a GO:0006351 biological_process transcription, DNA-templated
C41G7.5a GO:0006355 biological_process regulation of transcription, DNA-templated
C41G7.5a GO:0006366 biological_process transcription from RNA polymerase II promoter
C41G7.5a GO:0006950 biological_process response to stress
C41G7.5a GO:0007049 biological_process cell cycle
C41G7.5a GO:0007165 biological_process signal transduction
C41G7.5a GO:0009410 biological_process response to xenobiotic stimulus
C41G7.5a GO:0030522 biological_process intracellular receptor signaling pathway
C41G7.5a GO:0005634 cellular_component nucleus
C41G7.5a GO:0005737 cellular_component cytoplasm
C41G7.5a GO:0003677 molecular_function DNA binding
C41G7.5a GO:0004871 molecular_function signal transducer activity
C41G7.5a GO:0004879 molecular_function ligand-activated sequence-specific DNA binding RNA polymerase II transcription factor activity
C41G7.5a GO:0046983 molecular_function protein dimerization activity