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The purpose of this project is to organize the effort to create an RPM repository 1 for CRAN and BioConductor, which are both components of the statistical analysis program called R.

I'm sure its possible to summarize the project more concisely, but the above will have to do for the time being!

"R ... it's hard to overvalue it" - Daryl Pregibon, Google research scientist 2

The most important tool that we bring to this task is 'R2spec' that can be used to generate an RPM from a R package.



R is a very useful, popular and free statistical programming language. Its use in bioinformatics and biology is rapidly growing. BioConductor is the closest thing to a 'Bio-R' project that exists. By packaging CRAN and BioConductor into an RPM repository we hope to:

Other 'BioRPM' or 'BioLinux' projects

There have been several, and we aim to list them all here:

More details to add above. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BioLinux!

Project status

The project has only just been launched on Bioinformatics.Org, but it has been in motion for some time now. Mailing lists, webpage links, etc.

Feel free to consult:

Follow us

To follow the project, join us on the mailing list:

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