There are three things you need to have in order to use CRNPRED.

1. CRNPRED itself

The source code of CRNPRED can be downloaded at the following pages:

First download the file crnpred.tar.gz (found in File Releases in the above page) and expand it by doing something like:

gunzip < crnpred.tar.gz | tar xvf -

Then change directory to crnpred and follow the instructions in the 00README file.


You need to install the blastpgp program (PSI-BLAST) included in the BLAST software suite, which is available at

3. Amino acid sequence database

You also need an amino acid sequence database, a big one, to be used with PSI-BLAST. We strongly recommend using the most recent version of UniRef100. Download the fasta-formatted UniRef100 and apply formatdb (included in the BLAST suite) to make a BLAST-formatted database.