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  • Ghemical: Molecular modelling - Message forums

    ghemical-1.00 is released
    Submitted by Tommi Hassinen; posted on Wednesday, December 04, 2002 (1 comment)

    The first stable version, v1.00, is released. Also a new development branch is now "offically" opened and the first development version, v1.50alpha, is also released.
    Discussion forums: ghemical-1.00 is released

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    Submitted by Nobody; posted on Sunday, December 22, 2002
    Good afternoon I have found a really useful software package for chemistry modeling but I need to install and run Cygwin to use it. I don't understand how to run Cygwin. Presently, I am running Windows XP on my system. I understand the premise behind Cygwin as stated on the website. However, I find the list of compilation instructions confusing. I appreciate the level of detail with which you keep your website and detail with which the Cygwin program must run. I am interested in focusing my time on running Ghemical. I am less interested in knowing everything about Linux based systems. That I leave to the experts. Could you please tell me how to install Cygwin properly? I understand that I need Gnome. Could you also provide a hint at how I am to compile Ghemical? I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide. Thanks
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