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    visualization of large sequences or genomes
    Submitted by dengxuegong; posted on Thursday, October 13, 2005
    We present a technique for the visualization of large sequences or genomes. We use fractal theory to express DNA sequence as a Hilbert-Peano curve which transforms the sequence to a two dimensional image. This image can then be subjected to standard image processing techniques to reveal characteristic structures of interest that exist in the sequence. We have applied the technique to a number of well annotated genomes to demonstrate that the observed structures in the curves correspond to real features. We have also analyzed the less well annotated chicken and zebrafish genomes to identify distinctive characteristics in both species that have not been identified using existing analysis tools. The method is a useful technique for rapid characterization of genome scale sequences that, when used in concert with existing sequence analysis tools can aid the researcher in the identification of novel features in a genome or large sequence. Finished & unpublished papers 1. Visualization and Analysis of Genome Scale Sequences using Hilbert-Peano Curves 2. Symmetry Phenomena in complete Genomes If you( people , group, institution) are interested in my current work, please mail me at
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