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    3D Ribosomal Modification Maps Database (Other/Any/No Language)

    Advaitha (empty) (C)

    Ampred - Welcome to Ampred server,which predicts the Antimicrobial activity of given sequence. The activity may be antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial .This server works based on Multidimensional signatures of antimicrobial peptides (Yount and Yeaman.2004). (Other/Any/No Language)

    Amrita Bio-Informatics Society (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Analytical Chemists in food (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Antisense Database (empty) (Perl, PHP, Unix Shell)

    Application Validation Documents - These documents may be useful as examples to help validate your application in compliance with FDA GxP regulations. (Other/Any/No Language)

    ARGO: Antibiotic Resistance Gene Online - ARGO (Antibiotic Resistance Genes Online) is intented to be a comprehensive web Resource for Scientists, Clinicians and other people who are interested in the looming problem of rise and spread of antibiotic resistant pathogens worldwide. (Other/Any/No Language)

    ASID: Arabidopsis System Interaction D/B - We have derived novel clustering algorithm taking into consideration certain biological assumptions like conditional coregulation and properties of microarray data, uploaded at website Gene can be queried (only for Carbohydrate). (Other/Any/No Language)

    Atlas: Integrated database project - The Integrated Database Project is an effort to integrate multiple forms of biological, publication and ontological data under one query space for data mining. At its core sit relational databases whose tables model the data structure of the information. (Other/Any/No Language)

    AYURVEDA: Virtual drug develop. (empty) - We are developing obesity control drug form taditional inadian medicinal plants, becouse medicines from plants have less side effects compare to allopathy medicines (Perl, Python, Unix Shell)

    Ayurvedic database (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Barjis Petrinet Lab (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    BhambriBII and Underscores (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Binosys Technologies (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bio-Informatics Tutorial - A nascent tutorial on bio-informatics, currently covering molecular biology basics and advanced topics like genomics. The project files will be updated every fortnight (2 weeks). Contributions welcomed. (Other/Any/No Language)

    BIO-INNOVATORS: osteoporosis (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bio-toolkit (Python, Java)

    Bioclues (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bioinformatics Algorithms Research (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bioinformatics Education (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bioinformatics for Bioremediation (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bioinformatics Needs Assessment Group - SERVING the bioinformatics requirements of experimentalists. DEFINING best practice. PROMOTING basic training. PROVIDING a service. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bioinformatics Software Testing (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    BioInformatics Workbench (empty) - This project aims to create a list of functional requirements and technical specifications (flowcharts, classdiagrams, etc.) for the development of a complete workbench solution created in .NET/C# for researchers, students and others who are interested. (C#)

    Bioinformatist Wiki (Other/Any/No Language)

    Bioinsilico:Drug target database (empty) (PHP, Java)

    BioLore: A knowledgebase (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    BIOMAP Project (listed) (Perl, PHP, Java)

    Bioscys (empty) - promote the knowledge and application of bioinformatics in third world countries (Other/Any/No Language)

    BiOSoA (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    BLGM - BioLinux Goes Mobile (Perl, Python, Java)

    C2Analyzer : Cotargeted Cofunctional Analyzer (Perl)

    Cancer (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Cancer Journalist's View (Other/Any/No Language)

    Cardiovascular genes database (empty) - Cardiovscular Gene Database provide you with VISTA system for the investigators in the Cardiovascular biology and pharmacology community. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Career Center (Other/Any/No Language)

    CEBIB Discussion Group (Other/Any/No Language)

    ChemChains: Simulation & analysis of logical models (C++)

    ckr5 protein protein interaction (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Clinical Data Management Group (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Computational Thinking in Life Sciences (Other/Any/No Language)

    Corynebacterium diphtheriae NCTC13129 Re-annotation (C++, Perl, Unix Shell, Java)

    Cyprus Visioneers Group (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Database of Antibiotics (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Dengue Drug Target Database (Perl, PHP)

    DrugGenesis: Avian influenza DB (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    FindtRNA : tRNA Finder (Java)

    FishermansFriend (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Fly Phylogenomics Group - A group of systematic biologists working on using RNAseq transcriptome data to study the phylogeny of flies and different fly groups. Our initial focus is on the parasitic fly family Tachinidae (Python)

    Formal Ontology in Biology (Other/Any/No Language)

    Functional Annotation of SCOP (empty) (Perl, PHP)

    GAG-Binding Proteins Predictor (Other/Any/No Language)

    Gene aliases disambiguation (Perl)

    Gene Duplication (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Gene Prediction Data Consortium - Data sets for training gene-finding software. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Gene Wiki (PHP)

    Genetical addressing open (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Genome Assembly Study Group - I think there is a need of a open forum especially made for genome assembly people so that we can share the knowledge with the world. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Genome Cytological Information Server (C, Perl, PHP, Java)

    GlutamineBase (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    HaploCheck (listed) (Other/Any/No Language)

    HistoCheck (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    IIKmTA : Inter and Intra Kingdom miRNA Target Analyzer (Other/Any/No Language)

    Illinois Bio-Gtrid (Java)

    Immigrant genes database - The Immigrant genes database contains genes that have immigrated or been transferred from one species to another. Such knowledge is useful for studies that rely on phylogenetic and/or sequence similarity information. (Other/Any/No Language)

    In silico studies for complex diseases (Other/Any/No Language)

    In-depth mining of microarray data via hybrid SOM-SVD (Other/Any/No Language)

    Jmol Tutorial Authoring Template (JTAT) - Overview of available authoring tools for online macromolecular structure tutorials that utilize Jmol, and the home of one particular authoring template, JTAT. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Kaushik's Bioinfo. & Genomic (empty) (Perl, Visual Basic)

    La perception des couleurs par l'oeil - A science research project at the french school in brussels, created for the TPE projects in the french system. Deals with the perception of colors by the human eye. All information will be available to the public, but only in French. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Language benchmark (Other/Any/No Language, C, C++, Perl, Python, Java)

    LECB 2DgelDataSets database - The LECB 2-D PAGE gel images database is for public use. It contains data sets from 4 types of experiments with 338 gif images with annotation and landmark data (various formats). It could be used for comparison with user data or software development. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Lectures in molecular biology (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Leukemia genes database - A database of leukemia genes (Other/Any/No Language)

    LHDFound Expert Support Group (Other/Any/No Language)

    Ligand Database (listed) - Beta version of Ligand Database. (PHP, Unix Shell, Java)

    Lung Cancer Gene Database - LuGenD is developed to help the Biological and Medical Sciences community to easily access all information on the genes that are involved in Lung Cancer. (Other/Any/No Language)

    M.A.M.B.O (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    MACFAST BI & CB Group (Other/Any/No Language)

    MaHCO: An Ontology of the MHC (Other/Any/No Language)

    Malaria Drug Targets (Other/Any/No Language)

    MatePred: SVM based prediction tool for MATE proteins (Other/Any/No Language)

    Matrix (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Mattree: Phylogenetic analysis - Phylogenetic analysis tools for distance matrix based clustering and comparison of trees. (C++)

    MBAB bioinformatic group (empty) (C++, Perl)

    MBRC (empty) - * Knowledge and Technology Infrastructure for Marine Biological Resource Center(s)MBRC(s): Focusing on integration of presently separate knowledge bodies and technology platforms for monitoring , inventoring and managing biodiversity and bioprospecting. (Other/Any/No Language)

    MCL-Dict (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    MetaBasis - MetaBasis: A web based database (Basis) containing metadata (Meta) on software tools and databases in the field of Bioinformatics. Work done by: Vassilis Atlamazoglou PhD, Trias Thireou PhD, Yannis Hamodrakas MSc and George Spyrou PhD (Other/Any/No Language)

    Metabolic Reaction Analysis (Other/Any/No Language)

    MicroRNA and Pathway Integrated Analyzer (Other/Any/No Language)

    Microsatellite Suite (empty) (C, Perl)

    Molecular visualization & structural bioinformatics (Other/Any/No Language)

    Molecular Visualization EMail List - EMail list only: none of the Public Area resources are used. (Other/Any/No Language)

    MolSlide Support - ProteinExplorer.Org (PE) makes slides of rotatable macromolecular structure views (MolSlides.Org). (PE) works on-line or off-line (from a downloaded copy) except for saving MolSlides. This project will facilitate saving MolSlides in more situations (Other/Any/No Language)

    MSAReveal (Other/Any/No Language)

    NETTAB Workshops (listed) - A series of workshops on advanced network tools for bioinformatics. Next edition NETTAB 2017 "Methods, tools & platforms for Personalized Medicine in the Big Data Era", Oct 16-18, Palermo, Sicily, Italy. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Ontologizer Computational Biology(empty) (C, C++, Perl, Unix Shell, Java)

    Open Access India (Other/Any/No Language)

    OpenBNS: Naming service (listed) - The Biomolecule Naming Service (BNS) is an LDAP directory of gene and protein information derived from NCBI's LocusLink database. The purpose of BNS is to quickly and easily convert between different name and identifier schemes. (Other/Any/No Language)

    OpenMicrobio: The OpenSource Synthetic Biology Platform (C, C++, Python)

    OpenMMS Users Group (empty) - OpenMMS (although defunct) has many nice features. DBLoader? This group needs to be renamed! The main component of this group is currently just the <A HREF="">mailing list</A>. (Other/Any/No Language, C, C++, Perl, PHP, Unix Shell, Java)

    Operon Group at UFSM - The Operon Group is constituded of undergraduate students of Biology, Biochemistry, Informatics and Public Relations courses at the Federal University of Santa Maria ( More information in (Other/Any/No Language)

    Orlania Project (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    OX2 Bioinformatics (empty) - Cybernetic & Logitronic concepts to formulate variables (input/output) computations for the oxygen element throughout its electrochemical behavior, inside and outside the body. (C++, PHP, Python, Unix Shell, Java, Visual Basic)

    p53 Data Warehouse (Other/Any/No Language)

    Pancreatic cancer genes database - A database of pancreatic cancer genes (Other/Any/No Language)

    PDBWiki - PDBWiki provides community features for users of the Protein Data Bank. It serves as a bugtracker, discussion forum and community annotation site for structures in the PDB. (Python, Unix Shell)

    PES: Project For Endangered Species - PES: Project For Endangered Species web based server side scripting backend with mysql or pgsql database. cataloging species and searching, adding functions. (C++, PHP, Python)

    pfp_pp: Function Prediction using Phylogenetic Profiles (Java)

    Pharmaceutical Proteome (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    PhilBioinformaticsOrg (empty) - The Network for Integrative Multidisciplinary Bioinformatics Utilization Strategies (NIMBUS)-The Philippines' Bioinformatics Initiative (Other/Any/No Language)

    Pie Lab (empty) (Perl)

    PinkThing (empty) (Other/Any/No Language, Perl, PHP)

    PLEASE DELETE THIS GROUP (Python, Unix Shell, JavaScript)

    POEM (C++, Perl)

    Pool Models for Tracer Data (empty) (C++, Perl, PHP, Unix Shell)

    Preclinical data management (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    primer3 Interest Group (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Proscurator: Prostate oncogene (empty) - catalogs the available known prostate oncogenes. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Protein Functions Group (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Proteopedia-list - EMail list for the community of users of Proteopedia.Org. Proteopedia is hosted at the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel). (Other/Any/No Language)

    PRP8 Protein Information Resource (Perl)

    Pubmed RSS --> Daily RNA interference article feed - Daily delivery of RNA interference related news, articles and more. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Rapid Miner (Other/Any/No Language, C, Perl, PHP, Python, Unix Shell, Java)

    Regulatory Network Program (empty) (Perl)

    RNA Web Services (Java)

    Roskilde University Centre MMR (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    RPM repository for R and its packages - An RPM repository for CRAN and BioConductor (including the R-forge repository). (Other/Any/No Language, Python, Unix Shell)

    S.aureus microarray meta-database (PHP, Java)

    Sequence search mailing list - The mailing list to ask all your SEQUENCE SEARCHING questions! (Other/Any/No Language)

    SNBA: Synergistic Network Builder and Analyser (Perl, Unix Shell, Java)

    SolanGENE: Software listing (listed) (Other/Any/No Language)

    SPADE users and developers (Other/Any/No Language)

    StemNet - The StemNet project aims at designing and constructing a knowledge management system for the field of stem cell biology. Its goal will be to increase security and the quality of clinical treatment based on enhanced, web-based information supply. (Other/Any/No Language)

    STRAPutils: CL tools derived from STRAP alignment program (Java)

    Structural Classification Of Ligands - The objective of the SCOL project is to produce a global hierarchical clustering of all the available small molecules and protein ligands using measures of structural and chemical 'similarity' between molecules. (Other/Any/No Language)

    sujatha madras veterinary college (Other/Any/No Language)

    SurpResi: Active site from central distances of atoms (C, C++, Python, Unix Shell)

    SurpResidue: Active site from central distances of atoms (C, C++, Python)

    Systems Bio Lab (empty) (Other/Any/No Language)

    Tb Drug Target Database - This Database will give details of Drugs and the targets involved in the treatment of TB. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Telemedicine Research Laboratory (empty) - Telemedicine Research Laboratory began its activities in the year 2000 at Bangalore, India. Some of the key objectives was to use technology for humanitarian purposes and synergise with international organisations like ITU and ISO. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Thai Bioinformatics World Wide (Other/Any/No Language)

    The Coral Transcriptomics Network (CTN) (Perl, PHP)

    TPE des 1ères S du LFB 2001-2002 - Un "catalogue" de tous les TPE créés par les élèves de 1ère S au Lycée Francais de Belgique, pendant l'année scolaire 2001-2002. (Other/Any/No Language)

    TraceGD - Trace Genetic Disease detects position and type of the mutation when disease causing protein sequences are given as input and displays original and mutated amino acid sequences with the probable diseases. (Java)

    TraceViewer (listed) - TraceViewer provides several functionalities needed by any biologist who wants to efficiently analyse his/her trace data. (Other/Any/No Language)

    Transcription regulation analysis tools (Perl)

    Transcription regulation in plants (Other/Any/No Language, Perl)

    UCD Bioinformatics & Comp. Biomedicine (Other/Any/No Language, C)

    UniDPlot: UniDimensional Plot (Other/Any/No Language)

    Volcanic earthworms: mitochondrial genome (Python)

    Yapp - YAPP Eukaryotic Core Promoter Predictor. Searches for core promoter elements within a sequence of Eukaryotic DNA, and for putative synergistic combinations of these elements, such as an Initiator (INR) motif at -2 in combination with a DPE motif at +28. (C, Perl, Unix Shell, Java)

    Yeast snoRNA Database (Other/Any/No Language)

    Your Lab Data: LIMS + ELN (listed) - Your Lab Data is a free web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), aimed at a typical small molecular biology laboratory. It allows lab group members to have their own private forum, events (training or meetings), ELN and a LIMS area. (PHP, Java)

    zEST: Gene discovery by EST clusters - The goal of this project is to discover new genes or splice variants from bioinformatic analysis on EST (Expressed Sequence Tag) hoping the interest of biologist for "wet" analysis on the produced data. (Other/Any/No Language)


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