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  • WENCHAO ZHANG [Send a message]
    Member since: September 12, 2020
    News items (2)
    News & Commentary
    Curriculum vitae

    Current address:

    Noble Research Institute
    2510 Sam Noble Parkway
    Ardmore, OK
    United States


    Ph.D in Communication and Information System
    Institute of Electronics, Chinese Academy of Science
    2005 - 2008
    Master in Communication and Information System
    Jilin University
    2001 - 2004
    Bachelor in Electronics Engineering
    Jilin University
    1997 - 2001


    Computational Biologist Noble Research Institute 2018 - 2020
    Bioinformatics Research Analyst The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation 2012 - 2017
    Postdoc Research Scientist UNC-Charlotte & NC Research Campus 2010 - 2012


    Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

    Computational Metabolomics, Computational Proteomics, Computational Mass- Spectrometry

    Statistical Genomics, Quantitative Genetics, LMM, GWAS, NGS Data Analysis

    System Biology, Trait Analysis, GXG, GXE, Multi-Omics Data Integration

    High Performance Computing, GPU, MPI, Deep Learning, C/C++, Python, R, Java, Linux


    ASMS Member


    Image/video Processing

    Signal Processing, Data Mining

    Software Development, Programming


    Zhang, Wenchao, et al. 'GPU empowered pipelines for calculating genome-wide kinship matrices with ultra-high dimensional genetic variants and facilitating 1D and 2D GWAS.' NAR Genomics and Bioinformatics 2.1 (2020): lqz009.

    Zhang, Wenchao, et al. '2D association and integrative omics analysis in rice provides systems biology view in trait analysis.' Communications biology 1.1 (2018): 1-14.

    Zhang, Wenchao, et al. 'PEPIS: a pipeline for estimating epistatic effects in quantitative trait locus mapping and genome-wide association studies.' PLoS computational biology 12.5 (2016): e1004925.

    Zhang, Wenchao, et al. 'MET-XAlign: a metabolite cross-alignment tool for LC/MS-based comparative metabolomics.' Analytical chemistry 87.18 (2015): 9114-9119.

    Zhang, Wenchao, et al. 'MET-COFEA: a liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry data processing platform for metabolite compound feature extraction and annotation.' Analytical chemistry 86.13 (2014): 6245-6253.


    Enjoy life.

    Play Basketball, Hiking.



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