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Welcome to the BIRCH developers wiki!

Some things you might want to check out:

  1. The developers guide

Resources for Developers


Current BIRCH development

Presently BIRCH is undergoing a massive user-interface overhaul to improve ease of use and simplify installation.

A windows port of BIRCH, "winbirch" is in development, with the hopes that this will greatly broaden the BIRCH user base.

BIRCH is being migrated to a Git repository, for future developers to be able to use.


BioLegato is the GUI frontend and the "face" of BIRCH. It is the only part of BIRCH that most users will interact with.

A new paradigm for BIRCH

Once BIRCH has been split into client/server/documentation/source modules, it will be accessible in a whole new way:

BIRCH Design.png

Once the birchdev repo is online

This is currently the blocking winbirch and getbirch development.

We will need to quickly review the procedures associated with interacting with Git, to ensure that everyone is working together effectively. This is a fantastic opportunity to solidify the development of BIRCH:

  1. Essentially, now that the repo is online, I can begin to merge my winbirch code into the BIRCH 2.8 stream. Once this is done, it will be a matter of flipping a switch in the getbirch code to allow users to install BIRCH on windows.
  2. While I am modifying the BIRCH framework already to integrate winbirch, it makes sense for me to clean it up. I have come up with the following plan:
    1. To systematically separate the source code (building blocks) from the production modules.
    2. To systematically remove un-needed files from the BIRCH framework, and overall simplify and minimize the design while maintaining the same functionality (when it comes to code, less is more: removing is much harder than adding!)
    3. To bring the number of files down from 17000 to a more manageable amount, and the number of folders down from 2000 likewise.
  3. Once this cleanup has occurred, the result will be a working Winbirch, and a BIRCH that is easier to maintain and ship.

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