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GONUTS is a Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System.

Who is the target audience? 
Users of the Gene Ontology Project.
What is the primary function of the wiki? 
Documentation for newcomers to GO who want to explore GO usage.
What 'reward model' do you use (if any)? 
What custom features are used? 
Creates a category page for each GO term, each category is a subcategory of its parent GO terms and has subcategories that represent its GO child terms. A second category tree is used for the species taxonomy.

This Gene Ontology Normal Usage Tracking System (GONUTS) is a wiki where users of the Gene Ontology can contribute and view notes about how specific GO terms are used. GONUTS can also be used as a GO term browser, or to search for GO annotations of specific genes from included organisms.

Provides a way to create collaboratively written documentation for each GO term to explain how it should be used, how to satisfy the true path requirement, and whether an annotation should be placed at a different level. In addition, the wiki pages provide a discussion space, where users can post questions and discuss possible changes to the ontology.




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Created 2007/01/22
Content pages (new) 47,456 (86)
Users (active) 328 (50)
Contributions*1 (edits) 3746009 (463)
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